Al's Automotive Locksmith Brooklyn New York Crown Heights

Al's Automotive Locksmith
642 Nostrand Ave
NY 11216
United States

9-5 at Shop 24/7 Emergency

Cut and Program Keys, Program Remotes, Repair Keys, Repair Remotes, ECU Reflashing, High Security, Lockouts, Repair Locks, Test Remote Signals, Test Transponders, and more...
I didn't know what to expect when I arrived. There was a line of customers waiting for Al. I had the chance to speak to the other customers and learned that Al is a well known Master Locksmith in the Automotive realm and the people I thought were customers were actually junior locksmiths (who don't work for him) trying to get his advice on best practices for their individual lock issues. When he got up to me (10 minutes, not more) he asked me some very specific questions about the problem I had with my key. In less than 25 minutes, he not only solved my problem, but made 2 new keys and remotes for my car at half the price the ford dealer quoted me the day before. Highly recommended. Say hi to Al for me.
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