BMW & Mini Cooper Key Services

Irvine, CA 92618
United States

8 am till midnight

Only have 1 key and need a spare?
Did your remote stop working or is the battery dead?
Instead of paying $250+ for a new key at the Dealership, I can make you a new key for less than half price, this includes:
New Key Fob, Programming a new key to start the car, remote unlock & lock functions and laser cutting the key
All I need is your car (for the programming) and a working key (for cutting)
I will need to see your registration and drivers license before performing this service

If your key has the blade e36 e46 e39 e38 and others $100
Replace diamond key with a flip key $100
If your key doesn't have the blade and your car starts with a push button e60 e61 e90 e92 and others $150
Also if you have ALL keys lost, I can sill help you out, let me know and we can discuss your options and pricing.
Replace remote battery $50
Replace worn rubber $25
Lock cylinder fix $50
If you have any other issues or requests, let me know, i will diagnose for free
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