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United States

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Keys: Anywhere from a simple old fashioned duplicate to a current high security Switch Blade key, Locks and Unlocks, Inc has the skill, ability and technology to keep you moving.
You can purchase this key at the dealership.
You can pay dealership prices...during normal business hours. Car Key RepairBUT... Locks and Unlocks, Inc can cut these keys any time, any day, anywhere and usually for less than dealer prices.

we can even turn it into a
switch blade flip key.
Not just for high-end, luxury vehicles anymore...

Laser cut, side winder, reverse cut,
internal groove, high security;
whatever name you give it, we can cut it.
If you lose your FOBIK, you DO NOT need to have your car towed to a dealer. Locks and Unlocks, Inc. can replace the FOBIK and quickly program it wherever the car is. We have the latest programming equipment that allows us to complete the job usually in less than one hour. It is expensive but we are usually less than the dealer and you don't have to pay for towing.
Ignitions: If your key will not turn in your ignition, you may need to have it replaced. We have dozens of ignitions in inventory, on the truck, ready to replace yours.
Remote Programming: Each vehicle manufacturer has its own procedure for programming remotes. Sometimes it takes a few seconds; others it takes more than 10 minutes and cutting edge equipment.

Assuming your vehicle was equipped with keyless entry when it was made, Locks and Unlock, Inc. can program remotes whether you have a working one or not.

Call us with your vehicles details and we can replace a lost remote. Email a picture of a current remote and we can get you a duplicate.
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