Why you need to rekey the locks?


Lock rekeying is one of the professional locksmiths can do. There are a variety of circumstance that would force someone to think about rekeying their locks especially when there are:

  • A lot of people that has the same exact keys

It may be your neighbors, friends, youngsters or laborers but often times switching the locks or keys in your house can give you a peace of mind knowing that there are only a few people can access your property. Rekeying the locks will ensure the old keys to be useless and a less expensive method. You can then create duplicates of the keys and give them out with care to only a restricted number of individuals you have confidence.

  • Too many keys

This may seem to be an issue to others but, having a lot of keys on a keychain can make you forget exactly which one of the keys will work. There are a lot of people that doesn’t like a bulky key ring or the space that the handful of keys on a key ring takes up in a bag or in your wallet. Locksmiths can fix this issue easily by rekeying all of the locks in your house and then use a single key.

  • In a different residence

Think about how many individuals have gotten duplicates of the residence key at an old residence, it’s probably quite a few and therefore a compelling reason to get a new keys for your house. In a new house situation, the problem is the level of security provided by the locks at your residence. If they’re manufactured from high quality components and consist of a hefty gauge deadbolt, then there is no reason to switch the locks as it will prove to be far more expensive than rekeying it.

  • Dropped/Lost keys.

If a person at your residence has dropped their own keys, the only method to know that they didn’t get into the hands of a thief is to rekey the locks at your residence. In case the lost key exclusively worked on the primary doors, that’s the only real lock you have to deal with. Rekey locks relatively in expensive compare to changing all of them and leads to the same result.