Lock Changing or Rekeying

Lock Changing:

Many home owners like to change their locks for reasons such as restricting old owners from having access to their home and also wanting to upgrade their old lock to a more modern or higher security lock.

The difference between changing your locks and performing a rekey is that instead of removing the entire lock itself, you would simply be removing the cylinder and changing the pins. A lock change comes in a variety of customization options like size, color, brand, and style.

When choosing your own locks, you have the option to go out and pick them yourself or have the technician provide you with one for a small fee including the labor. Pricing may vary on the style you decide to get like upgrading from a traditional lock to a smart lock.

What is rekeying?

Rekeying is a process done by removing the cylinder from your current lock. Then, changing the pins/ tumblers by removing the whole lock from your door and replacing the five old pins with five new ones. This procedure is done by a professional locksmith that takes only a few minutes if done correctly. You should be aware that the current key you have will no longer work for your lock since the pins will be changed.

Rekeying your current lock will save you money rather than changing it all together and it gives you a peace of mind knowing no one else has a copy of your brand-new keys. Locksmiths changes the pins by properly choosing their correct size and knowing the key depth. Also, a keycoder helps him/her determine which pins to use. The same rekey can be done on all your locks to the same key if they are all the same brand of lock or if they have a similar mechanism.

  • Most people consider rekeying when:

They lost the keys

They like the lock but want new keys

Limiting access to their home

Want to change all their locks to one key

  • Most people consider changing locks if:

They just moved in

They’ve had several break-ins

Upgrading from traditional locks to smart locks/ electronic locks

They want to change the lock style on their door

The lock isn’t functioning properly

Every lock is different, which means that every process will be different and require a strategy by an experienced professional. Keep in mind that a professional locksmith is your best choice. This is because, you could damage the lock or ruin it all together and it could boost the price up significantly if you try to change locks or rekey the door yourself and done it incorrectly.